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Our Charity Partners

Kids Blowing Bubbles



Niños en Alegría

Niños en Alegría has carried out many projects aimed at improving conditions of education for children who are in precarious situations. In 2007, Niños en Alegría became an operating partner of UNICEF. Its mission is to improve conditions for child education in primary schools in marginal areas of Guerrero to allow children to develop their maximum potential in both education and social skills.​

ImmunoKIDS is supporting:

Healthy Breakfast Program

The project healthy breakfast will support Niños en Alegría by building a lunch area in the school which will qualify the students to receive healthy breakfast, ensuring supporting proper nutrition at the beginning of their school day.

Immunotec will also provide Immunocal to be integrated into the breakfast menu for these students, further supporting their nutrition, health, and well-being.



Children’s Health

Children’s Health is committed to making life better for children. As one of the largest and most prestigious pediatric health care providers in the country and the leading pediatric health care system in North Texas, Children’s Health cares for children through more than 750,000 patient visits annually.

ImmunoKIDS is supporting:

Clinical Research and Thrive Clinic

Clinical Research: Children’s Health is a leader in high-impact clinical research studies that help launch new understanding, treatments, and approaches to care for a range of pediatric conditions, including immune system support for children who are immunocompromised. In a given year, there are roughly 1,200 active clinical research studies in more than 40 specialties, including allergy and immunology, infectious disease, genetics and metabolism, hematology and oncology, pulmonology, and general pediatrics.


Thrive Clinic: The ARCH (At-Risk Children) Center at Children’s Health is a medical home to some of our community’s most vulnerable and at-risk children. One of the primary programs within the ARCH Center is the Thrive Clinic, one of the only of its kind in the country, which provides follow-up care for NICU graduates and children born with low birth weight, whether Children’s Health patients or not. Made up of an interdisciplinary team of experts who provide specialized, comprehensive, and ongoing follow-up care once a baby is home from the hospital, the team looks after each baby’s and child’s overall health, nutrition, and well-being through age five.



Real Madrid Foundation

The Real Madrid Foundation has been contributing since 1997 to the well-being of the most disadvantaged children and those at risk of exclusion, educating children based on the positive values of sport. With over 650 projects in 80 countries worldwide, tens of thousands of children have increased their self-esteem, their motivation to improve themselves, and have learned the value of teamwork.


ImmunoKIDS is supporting:

Children's Basketball Program in Hospitals of the Real Madrid Foundation.

This program collaborates with pediatrics and child psychiatry, helping children and adolescents hospitalized with severe health problems such as anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, stress, eating disorders, cancer, or other diseases. A playful activity such as basketball is added to their daily lives to improve their mental and physical health and the progress of healing processes with the collaboration of specialists. We emphasize self-esteem, companionship, motivation, self-improvement, and personal autonomy. We join the children on a journey to emotional recovery and provide a sense of belonging so that they can believe in themselves again.

Here are some of the charity partners we work with to help kids around the world:

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